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Nursery Rhymes

Computers have fascinated me since I can remember. Cases I became interested in 3D graphics, which absorbed me completely and a journey in my powers to this day. I started with architectural and product visualizations from which almost all new steps in computer graphics. I was developing my skills and workshop. Gaining knowledge from other, more passionate geeks, alternatively from the magic medium which is the Internet. I am self-taught. In the meantime, my children were born. My world changed, it was colorful and different, it was new. I had the idea of making an animated film for my kids. I entered the enchanted world of computer graphics. So far I have made about thirty short, 3 - 4 minute animations. My idea is to produce full-length animated films. Safe, free of violence and profanity. Focused on promoting beauty and goodness, teaching the youngest universal and everlasting values. To be able to achieve this goal and better quality, I need more financial resources than what I currently have at my disposal. You can support me. With your support, I can do it, and together we can achieve it. We can do it!!!.