We build a site suitable for your needs

identifying the platform according to the needs of the business.
Creating graphic concept (logo/website design)
Applying responsive web design elements.
Implementing SEO and engine-friendly elements.
Implementing specific business modules.
Optimizing the database related to the website’s loading speed.
Integrating Google and Facebook.
Testing all functionalities before launching.

Our services include:


Magazine websites

E-commerce websites


Portfolio websites

Landing pages

Social media websites

Directory and contact pages

Presentation website

Presentation websites are websites that present your company and your services in the online environment.

E-commerce website

An e-commerce website or online store is a website where you can sell and people can buy your products.


We offer dedicated maintenance for presentation websites regardless of whether the website was developed by our agency or another web developer.

Web design

improves your business.

Optimized for any type of device

We make websites and online stores (e-commerce websites) starting with the mobile version. More than 75% of the users visiting the website will first interact with the mobile version. That is why it is important to structure the information and its navigability. We optimize the structure of your website and apply the most innovative technologies so you rest assured it loads properly.

Help in choosing the CMS platform

To start with, creating a website or a virtual store requireschoosing a CMS platform. Depending on the nature of your business, future objectives, marketing strategy, number of products, ERP implementations etc. We offer you advice on how to choose an Open Source.

Predefined graphic design or custom design

Designing a visual identity of a website/online store can be done in two ways:

  1. We create a customized design starting from your needs and requirements, which we try to sketchfor the better understandingof your vision.
  2. We apply a predefined design choosing from the templates present in a marketplaces.

Web maintenance

We offer dedicated maintenance for presentation websites regardless of whether the website was developed by our agency or another web developer.

Your website will serve as a vital marketing tool that enables you to reach out to prospective customers.

Without proper guidance, you may feel confused about which web design is ideal for your company. The right website has the potential to increase the number of people it engages, generate traffic and strengthen your online presence.

Web design agency MIERZWA  helps you clearly represent your business through a website that is memorable and impresses visitors.

MIERZWA web-graphic-design focus on your SUCCESS.

We acutely attentive to website usability (e.g. responsive web design), aside from creating visually appealing websites.

By staying on top of the latest web design principles and trends, our team is confident to deliver outstanding websites – that fit and speak your brand identities, increase online brand presence, and ultimately convince your target audience to become customers.